Hear Nebraksa

Hear Nebraska strives to make the state (of Nebraska) a globally recognized cultural destination. Hear Nebraska meaningfully connects and engages fans, artists and communities through music journalism, education and events.

In 2016, the crew at Round & Round (Jake, Justin, and myself) were the design partners throughout the year. We helped evolve their original branding created by Eric Nyffeler and take them to the next level of organizational status. In addition to their core brand assets, we designed  The Good Living Tour, Lincoln Calling, and a Support Local Music project.

Role: Design, Direction, and Illustrator

In 2017, The Good Living Tour and Lincoln Calling organized by Hear Nebraska launched with updated branding and a fresh sensibility led by the design team at Round & Round. The lineups were amazing and the events went off extremely well. Another successful year for two of the Midwest’s most interesting music festivals.

Support Local Music Ts: Punk, Retro, Indie, Rock, Hip-Hop, Folk,

Nebraska Vinyl Archive: launching in 2018!