Pax Lighting was born from a love for discovering exquisite lighting solutions out of raw materials, with an emphasis in ceramic and brass. Since 2015, they have provided custom fixtures to the trade market through the midwest, and have honed their aesthetic vision. Passionate about design that honors craft and respects the materials, Pax celebrates excellence in the detail, natural materials, and time honored aesthetics and techniques.

PAX loves collaboration, we worked closley with owners Jeff and Teegan Nordhues in evolving thier brand. It was important that visually everything reflected Pax Lighting’s design values in simplicity, honesty, and excellence for the ultimate in form and function.

Collaboration: Adam Torpin

Role: Photography and Video


Desiring to return to the craft of a product, and missing the expansive sky and unparalleled sunsets, Jeff and Teegan moved home to Nebraska to start Pax Lighting. They have not slowed down though and have had great opportunites working Nebraska local businesses like Birdhouse Interiors, Mercury, and Zipline Brewing Co